HEPA Filter
Water proof micro glass fiber
High eff 99.97%(&99.99%)on 0.3
High flow capacity
Very strong construction
Various frame available
Wooden, Al, Stell, and etc.
Operating mere larger airflow with the same volume as Conventional HEPA filter and could be used to Cleanroom as well as HVAC purpose.


- All stainless steel construction
- Cleanable by water
- Multiple layers media with wire mesh
- High velocity and Low pressure loss
- Available for1' ,2' and 4' frame thickness


CLEAN TECH's demister filter is normaly used to eliminate particle, oil and water mists in air inlet space. They are composed by all stainless steel construction, and their multiple layers of media that consist of stainless steel wire mesh offer maximum filter surface area. Both sides of insert media covered with crimped screen.

The ranges of their efficiencies are G1 and G2 by EN779