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ULPA Filter
Water proof ultra fine glass fiber
High eff 99.9995% (&99.99995%)on 0.1
Thin thickness with mini pleat media pack
Powder coated metal face guard
Leak free construction by individual testing
CLEAN TECH's mini pleat ULPA filter is normally used to super clean room in semiconductor and precise industrial factory. Their efficiencies are really high grade, U15 ~ U16 following EN1822 Standard. Frame fonstruction that composed by extruded Aluminium has very rigid construction. Also having good air flow stream in exit side of folter because of their mini pleat media pack by V shape media pleating.

Characteristics and materials of construction

- Dual layer synthetic fiber media
- High efficiency EN779 F6, F7 and F8
- Valuable for very high flow capacity
- Rigid construction for GI steel frame
- Easy installation of light weight



Performance data